About Remy Hoglin

Remy Hoglin is a jeweller and founder of r-Process.

From a young age, Remy was fascinated with adornments, gems, and nature. It was his passion for nature that lead him to study and obtain a degree in the Biological Sciences.

David Attenborough is his greatest idol. The iconic figure spent his life globetrotting, exploring and documenting the beauty of life on earth while also being a spokesperson against the destruction of our ecosystems.

This is something that Remy fundamentally values and is passionate about. It also influences his work.

After years in the life sciences, from microbiology to cancer research, Remy decided that it was time to follow another passion.

Coming into adulthood and developing a taste for jewellery from the high streets of London, to the museums of Europe, Remy realised that pursuing a career in jewellery design, was what he wanted to do.

Remy studied the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2017. He was awarded “Most Outstanding First Year Student” and received the award for “Digital Integration” in his second year.

The two years of study were hands-on and eye opening to the world and traditions of jewellery craft.

Remy has always had a curiosity and interest in 3D video game design. Many of his jewellery creations use computer aided design and he seeks to harness the power of new cutting-edge technologies.

3D printing technologies are also a methodology that he has followed. He designs, prints then casts his creations in precious metals such as sterling silver, gold and platinum.

In 2019, Remy launched his jewellery brand r-Process. Titled after the process that occurs when binary neutron star merge, which is so cataclysmic that it creates all elements heavier than iron including silver, gold and platinum.

It is these elements that are fundamental to Remy’s work.