Find me at the Rose Street Markets in Fitzroy on these dates:

Aug - 31. Saturday
Sep - 14. Saturday
Sep - 29. Sunday
Oct - 12. Saturday
Oct - 27. Sunday
Nov - 2. Saturday
Nov - 3. Sunday
Nov - 17. Sunday
Dec - 22. Sunday


r-Process also does commission work for customers who want custom one-off pieces.

About r-Process

A contemporary jewellery design brand for men and women, that is edgy and thought provoking. Designed and crafted jewellery using traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D printing. Precious metals and gems are used to create one of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. 

Brand Name

The name r-Process comes from the cataclysmic events of neutron star collisions and supernovae which produce (through Nucleosynthesis) all elements heavier then iron, including gold, silver, rhodium and platinum. The "rapid neutron-capture process" occurs in the space of 10 seconds within one of these events at temperatures of about one billion degrees Celsius. These events are mind boggling. The logo represents the collisions of two neutron stars with the gamma-ray burst

About Remy Hoglin

From a very young age Remy has been fascinated with trinkets, small objects, the natural world and gemstones. After getting a Degree in Biological Science and various scientific jobs, he decided to follow a dream of being a creator and maker. Jewellery design ticked all the boxes; needing creativity, using precious materials, gems and modern technologies.

Remy studied Jewellery and Object Design for 2 years at Melbourne Polytechnic and now works in his studio to produce wearable works of art using traditional techniques as well as cutting-edge technologies. Remy draws from his fascination of the natural world, exploration, history and architecture to design these works.